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Top 14 must have Android apps of 2019

must have Android apps:
Riju Raj

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On December 10, 2018
Last modified:December 10, 2018


Do you use Android? So you need to install some must have Android apps on your Android mobile. There are billions of apps in Google Play Store. But all apps are not necessary for you.Various type of apps are there, but I have listed some very important apps for you. Just read the full article to get your answer.

1. Launcher App:   Nova Launcher

 must have Android apps

If you want to moderate your mobile home screen, then you should install a launcher app. by using a Launcher app you can easily moderate the home screen,You can change the Apps icon. You can easily change the layout, animations, fonts and the style of a mobile by using Launcher app. Nova is a very good Launcher app. now a days it’s the most popular  Launcher app. In this app you will find thousands of Icon themes for free.Nova is a very good optimise app, with this app you can work smoothly as like as butter.


2.  Assistant app: Google Assistant

 must have Android apps

Google assistant  allows you to access the assistant which is already in your phone.Can easily access Google assistant buy long press your mobile home button or By simply saying “ hey Google”. you Can easily use Google Assistant anytime anywhere whenever you want. You can make call, send SMS,Take selfie, set reminder, Play music,  navigate place with Google assistant App easily.

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3.Key Board: SwiftKey Keyboard


Swift keyboard is a intelligent keyboard from Microsoft. by using this keyboard to can easily type faster.  you can type text, send images,Stickers Or GIFS by using this keyboard. you will get various type of stickers and a lot of GIFS here. There is many free themes and layouts of this keyboard. this keyboard will easily Match every phone. You will get a spelling checker with this keyboard, this will helps you a lot to type correct English. and you will get multi languages  here. so you can easily type in any language which you want.

4.Video calling app: Google Duo

 must have Android apps

Now a days video calling is a trend. and if you want to enjoy the highest quality video calling then Google duo is best for you. you will get 100% HD quality video calling from Google duo. And it is the highest quality video calling app now. It is very simple to use and it run on every mobile or Tablet. And the great feature of this app is, you can see who is calling you before you pick up the call. Not only video call you will get voice call feature with this app.


  • Features:


  1. Simple interface
  2. The highest quality video calling app
  3. For Android and iOS devices
  4. Knock Knock
  5. Video Messages
  6. Voice Calls


5.Note taking app: ColorNote

 must have Android apps

ColorNote is one of the best Notepad app. It’s very awesome app and very easy to use. You will get a Simple and quick experience  when you write notes,memos, emails and to do list. It’s very useful app for daily use. it will help you a lot. You will get a lot of features in this app. I have listed some highlighted features below.


  • Features:


  1. Organize notes by color
  2. Put your notes on your home screen
  3. To do list & Shopping list
  4. Checklist notes to get things done
  5. Organize your schedule by note in calendar
  6. Write a diary and journal in calendar
  7. Password Lock note
  8. Secured backup notes to SD storage
  9. Supports online backup and sync
  10. Reminder notes on status bar
  11. List/Grid View
  12. Search notes
  13. Notepad supports ColorDict Add-on
  14. Powerful task reminder

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6.News app: Google News

 must have Android apps

Reading newspaper is old trend.  and in this time carrying newspaper to everywhere is not possible for us. but we have to know what is happening surrounding us. always we carry our  smartphone with us. so we can use news app to read the world’s news. and it’s totally free to read news on News app. and Google news is the best news app to  read news. it’s very simple and awesome app to read the world’s news. You will get the trending news in this app. and you will also get weather, sport, Technology, Bollywood, Hollywood, science, humour, politics, education and all the news in this app.

7.File manager: Files by Google

File manager is very necessary app to access the files of a mobile. Google file manager is one of the best File Manager app. you will get various type of features in this app. this apple helps you to access all the files  of your mobile. This app will helps you to delete all the unnecessary files from your mobile.Using this app you can easily free up your mobile space. you can easily search any file very fast by using this app. You can share files to  anyone, even you are offline. This app will helps you to backup your files on cloud storage.



8. Cloud storage: Google Drive



Google Drive is safe place for your important files.You can put your photos, songs, documents,  videos and any type of file on Google drive. You can easily backup your files on Google Drive, so you will never lose all those. You can access your files on any device by using your email.



  • With Drive, you can:


  1. Safely storage
  2. Search files by name
  3. Easily share files
  4. Quickly view
  5. access recent files
  6. Use your device camera to scan
  7. Access pictures and videos from Google Photos.

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9. Messenger App: WhatsApp

 must have Android apps

In this time Messenger App is very needy for us. so what’s up is one of the best Messenger app which I recommend you to use. it’s totally adfree Messenger App. not only message feature, you will get  voice call and video call feature in this app. you can also send voice message with this app. and if you want to share your location with someone you can use this app. this is totally free app to use. you can also share images, songs,  videos, documents and any type of file by using this app. You can enjoy group chat feature in this app.

10. Browsing App: Google Chrome


We all need a browsing app to access internet in your mobile. so Google Chrome is the best browsing app. it’s very simple to use and also it’s safe. You can access Google search with this app, you can download any file like image, songs, videos,  music with this app. This app will also help you to save your mobile data.


  • Features


  1. Browse fast
  2. Incognito Browsing
  3. Sync Chrome Across Devices
  4. Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing
  5. Fast downloads
  6. Google Voice Search
  7. Google Translate built-in
  8. Save Mobile Data

11.File sharing app: Xender

File sharing app is a must have Android app for your mobile. if you want to transfer any file from Android to Android then Xender perfect for you. if you want to share any file like photos, image, videos, songs, zip file,  documents or anything what you want, you can share using Xender. You will get 20 times speed than Bluetooth. You don’t need any USB connection to transfer file. You can transfer file with Wi-Fi. The highlighted features and listed below,

  • 【Main features】
  1. Transfer files with flash speed
  2. Share all kinds of files without restrictions
  3. Free of network connection
  4. Send large files without limitation
  5. Supports cross platform transferring
  6. Smart phone replication
  7. File manager
  8. Check out connected friends’ mobile apps
  9. Friendly design
  10. Slide pictures to share

12.Maps:  Google Map

 must have Android apps

In this present situation Google Map is one of the must have Android app for you. if you are travelling some unknown place then it will helps you a lot. you just need internet connection on your mobile, and then just turn on “my location option” of your mobile.  and then you will be able to see your current location. and if you don’t know the route of any place you can search in Google Maps about the route of the place. It will help you properly. and it will tell you the exact time you need to go there. Just download it from Play Store, and start your travelling.

13. Music App: Gaana Music


Listening music is the best way to get out from stress. And if you want to entertain then music is also the best way. Gaana is the best music app to listen any music for free. You just need internet connection on your mobile to listen song, You don’t need have to pay anything to listen music from gaana.But if you want to download music from gaana then you have to pay.

14. Wallpaper App: Wallpapers HD

 must have Android apps

If you like to change your home screen wallpaper day by day then you should download wallpaper app for your mobile.Here I give a app  for you. just download it from Google Play Store. you will get a lot of fabulous wallpaper from here. if you like dark wallpaper, you will Get from here. here you will get, love wallpaper, natural wallpaper, Sports wallpaper,Cars, animal, abstract,  Canvas, fantasy, ghost, flowers, food, girl, holidays, macro, men, minimalism, space, Technologies, textures, vector And a huge category you will find here.

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