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Top 10 Cool apps for Android

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Riju Raj

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On December 18, 2018
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10 Cool apps for Android

Top10 Cool apps for Android

Are you looking for cool apps for Android? Then you are in the right place. Just read the full article to get the best ever cool app for Android.

You will get lots of Android application on Google Play Store,  but I have listed some cool apps for you. You are going to like these apps.

1) Image Recognizer

10 Cool apps for Android

Image recognizer swiftly classified images in thousand categories. It finds out individual objects within images. And it read all the written words on the images.


  1. Ocr help you to find out text on this images,
  2. It also detects popular product logos from the images,
  3. And much better future you will get from this app.

After recognizing the product you can do more with this below services:

  1. Amazon
  2. Wikipedia
  3. YouTube
  4. Translation
  5. Image searching
  6. And more.

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2) Universal Copy

By using this application you can copy any text from any application like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Sometimes you want to copy text from an app but you can’t copy by long press. But this app helps you to copy any text. And this app will kick out this problem.

You just need to activate Universal copy mode and select what you want to copy. That’s it!

You can also copy hashtags from Instagram. I hope you can understand the use of this application.

3) Reachability Cursor  

10 Cool apps for Android

Get features like cursor/ mouse pointer to control your phone with one hand.

You just need to swipe over screen edge to start reachability cursor. Or if you want to use your phone with your right hand, you just need to slide on the right edge.

You will find a tracker to control the cursor. Just drug the tracker to move it. And if you click on the tracker the cursor will automatically click on the selected app or item.

The tracker will automatically  Venice when you don’t need it anymore. This app is totally ad-free. So you can use it without any ads.

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4) Neon Cells

If you like stylish and cool wallpapers then this is the perfect app for you. You will get real 3D hexagon cells wallpapers. You will get 5 types of flowing particles in this app. You will also get fully 3D animated live wallpapers with 20 types of Crystal cells.

The theme is included with golden hex, blue and red hex, Ravi red hex, blue hex, purple hex, pink hex and etc. You will get two types of flowing particles with plexus trails and flowing Bubbles also.

To create an extravagant, you just have to swipe your finger on your mobile screen. Just enable switch theme to change the theme from home screen. This app will support both phone and tabs.

5) Status Bar & Notch

10 Cool apps for Android

By using this app you can easily change colors, Styles, gradients, the background of your mobile status bar. Yeah I know it’s sound crazy, but it’s true. This app has many cool backgrounds available For free to customize your mobiles notification bar. This app is very simple and very easy to use. And the most important thing about this app is, you don’t need to root your phone to access the features of this app.

You will get much solid color and gradient color to customize notification bar. But you can also create your own personal status bar. It will be different than the Boring status bar of your phone. It will totally change the look of your phone. You can easily hide or remove notch with this app.

6) Magic Fluids

Magic fluids will show up on your mobile screen by using this app. It’s also a live wallpaper app but it’s different. It will add magic to your phone. Magic fluid is a relaxing app which will help you to relieve stress. This app is very colorful and creative.

This app is based on the algorithm of fluid flow simulation. The graphics of this app is just. Just touch the screen to enjoy the fluid motion on your mobile screen.

Calm down and relax as you draw, watch the Peaceful flows of fluid on your mobile screen. And also watch how sweet color mix down into a colorful pattern. If you like abstract art then you are going to love this app.

7) Your Hours

10 Cool apps for Android

Do you feel that you are getting more addicted to your phone? You woke up with your phone and sleep with it also at night. Your phone becomes your Companion throughout the day. But the addition of the phone affects your personal life a lot.

There are some apps where you spent a lot of time. This app will show you how much time you spent on which app.

Your hour app gives you a variety of fun and lot of users friendly features. This will help you to track and manage your phone uses. It will tell you the category of phone addict you are. The dashboard of this app will show you the information you need to know about your whole day phone uses.

This will show you the level of your addiction to your phone. This will help you to get out from your addiction. You can see the information of your App uses by using this app.

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8) Idea Note

It’s a floating note taking app. It will convert your voice into text notes. At the same time it changes your voice file, so you can easily listen to your voice again.

Swipe slider bar to open Idea note anywhere. Voice input will save your time. You can easily access Idea note buy long press home button. You can edit your voice note whenever you want. You will get various tags to save your notes. You can use blue tags to save ordinary class voice notes, by using Red Label you can save important class voice notes, and use yellow tags to save tasks class voice notes. And much more tags you will get.

9) AR Moscow City

AR application Augmented reality app. This app is designed to explore digital Moscow City Towers. This app will help you to see digital Moscow City Towers on your phone. Federation Towers, Central Core,  evolution Tower, Imperial Tower, the city of capital, Eurasia Tower, Mercury City Tower, oko, Northern Tower, neva tower and much more power you can see by using this app.

This app also contains unique information about the tower. When you will see Towers you will definitely smile.

This app is user-friendly. Just take a screenshot of markers then share it with another mobile. Open the pic and aim the camera of AR Moscow City then it will be visible.

10) Live WaterPaper

Live water paper is a live wallpaper app. This will simulates water in your phone. This is a too much interesting app. This app will take a very small amount of power to simulate water in your mobile. Just shake the phone whenever you want and you will see the movement of the water in your phone.

Your pressure will relief by using this app and you will be stress-free. You can try this app to get relief from stress and your mind will be refreshed.

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